Why your sales team should be in love with SEO

Are you launching a new product /service? Do you want to increase the output of your sales team? If you are still using the conventional sales methods, then your business might be losing a lot of clients. You are not achieving your sales target within the set timelines.

Consumers are regularly changing the way they buy services and products today. Therefore, your business should come up with new methods of marketing your products or services. You need to create long-term relationships with your clients if you want to increase your sales revenue. This article will explain why your sales team should be in love with SEO for them to make an impact on your customers.

When it comes to SEO, you can do it yourself (see Moz’s beginners guide to SEO) or you can hire an SEO agency.

How SEO can improve the performance of your sales team

Your business stands to lose if your sales team is not making the right impact on your customers. You need to educate your clients about your products or service to create relationships with them. You should ensure that your sales team is offering value to your clients.



SEO is one of the effective inbound marketing methods that your sales team can use to boost sales. We are going to explain why you need to try this marketing method as discussed below:

-It is Cheaper Compared to Conventional methods of marketing

If you are spending a huge chunk of your sales budget on banner ads or direct mail, then you need to re-evaluate your marketing strategies. Traditional methods of marketing are slowly fading away with the digital marketing methods taking the center stage in modern marketing.

If your sales team could embrace SEO to market your products or services, then you will save more money compared to using the traditional marketing methods. SEO will promote the online presence of your business, and this leads to increased sales revenue.

– More than 50% of your customers use Search Engines to make a purchase

Most consumers are shopping online these days, and this means that they use search engines to find items that they want to buy. If your website is ranking higher for the keywords your customers would be looking for, then you stand a chance to make good sales. SEO helps to direct the prospective clients to your website. Your website must have valuable content that will give you a competitive edge over your competitors in the market. It should have a call-to-action button on each page to help you communicate with your prospective clients.



-SEO helps to Develop Business Relationships

SEO helps your business to attract the attention of current or prospective clients. It can get your website to reach your target audience easily. It helps your business to constantly communicate with its clients which fosters long-term relationships.

Ogilvy and Sneyd have felt this first hand, with some of their key relationships beginning with a Google search:

A lot of the landlords that have large portfolios have found us through search, we believe it’s the pivotal channel to our growth and have continued to invest in it.

-SEO Builds Credibility and Trust

SEO makes your brand to be stronger, well recognized and better. It makes your customers find your products or services easily when they search for them using your keywords. It helps to boost the credibility and trust of your brand.

SEO is vital marketing tools that your sales team should you use to improve your business web presence and generate more sales.

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