How to advertise on Social Media

We all understand that today’s world social media is a huge part of the business. Not including yourself in the social media world simply is not an option for businesses if they want to compete with others. Many consumers and potential clients can be found on social networks making decisions based on what their friends and colleagues are posting and the websites and businesses they recommend.

There’s no point going into social media marketing without thinking about it first. You will need a strategy. So, with everything that’s out there, where do you start?

Start by monitoring social media. Take a look at what is out there and monitor whether other businesses are using specific platforms. You may find there is a platform that your business niche is not currently dominating and this could be your place of influence, and you may be able to gain yourself a large number of clients simply by being the first of your kind there.

It’s also worth monitoring some of the social media marketing blogs that are out there, and internet marketing blogs in general. Some great ones include: Quicksprout, Moz, Social Media Examiner and the Hootsuite blog.

Next, you will need to consider your goals and how you are going to measure them. What is the core of your strategy? Every website services a purpose and so should your social media sites. Just having a presence without a purpose is like having your website up and running with no way for people to contact you. For some businesses you may just want to use social media to get your name out there, you may want to share thoughts and ideas, you could advertise specials, or maybe you see it as a customer service tool allowing the customers to come to you with their questions.

With goals in mind, it’s much easier to them measure your success. If everything is going well then you know your strategy is working, however, if you are struggling, you know there needs to be a change to your strategy.

You will need to consider integrating your strategy with the search. Make sure you continue to focus on similar keywords you are focusing on for your website. Create yourself keyword optimized content for your social media sites.

Lastly, you will need to consider mobile. Many people are now using their mobile phones to keep up with the social media world. It’s simple, and they can do it on the go. It’s important you keep up to date with these platforms.

If your business doesn’t have a presence on each of the prominent social media platforms, you’re behind the curve. Regardless of what your business is selling, a market exists. Social media is a wonderful way to advertise your business online. Learning how to advertise your business online using Twitter and Facebook is pretty simple.

Any person or business that follows your business on Twitter or is a fan/friends with your business on Facebook can be considered a business lead. Any information you share will be put right into their social stream for them to see.

That is some seriously efficient marketing. You can even use Facebook’s new grid search to find people who’re interests match the products/services you’re offering.

It’s important for any business to continue developing the social media strategy. Don’t let it get old. Things change every day, and you may need to change your strategy to keep up with it. Every so often you may wish to look over it again, tweak it a little and make changes. Keep your customers interested and don’t bore them. Interested customers mean happy customers.